Stumptown Coffee

Gypsy Donut and Espresso Bar is proud (incredibly proud, actually) to bring Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee and espresso to Nyack. If you’re already familiar with Stumptown, you’re probably jumping up and down with joy as you read this.

If you don’t know Stumptown, prepare to jump up and down with joy.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is born out of Portland, Oregon and they produce some of the finest coffee and espresso beans in the world. We first encountered Stumptown years ago while teaching classes in Portland and they’ve actually been one of the reasons we’ve headed back to Portland so often since then.

Until recently they were only available in Oregon but they’ve recently opened a shop at the Ace Hotel in New York City and a roaster in Brooklyn. That opened up the door for us to get freshly roasted coffee from them. It is truly amazing coffee.

Stumptown hand-sources their coffee from top-end farms around the world. We will stock their beans and grind them for you without charge. Pick up a cup of coffee, pick up a bag of beans and pick up a hot, fresh donut. What could be better?

We will also offer classes in coffee, cupping classes and home brew instruction.

We are passionate about food and about coffee and we couldn’t be happier to partner with the great folks at Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Stumptown Coffee Menu, Spring 2012

DT = Direct Trade (Stumptown purchases directly from the farmer). OG = Organically Grown


Ethiopia Duromina $14.25
Red fruit and intensely floral aromatics open the gates for a dynamic coffee filled with raspberry and asian pear flavors with a smooth, buttery finish like a macadamia.

Ethiopia Mordecofe (DT/OG) $16.25
Flavors of chocolate and hops counter notes of peach and pink lady apple in a cup sweetened by caramel and honey with an iced tea finish.

Ethiopia Sota $15
Sota presents a dense cup reminiscent of cola brimming with flavors of dark fruits and Satsuma orange accented by cinnamon and honey.

Ethiopia Yukro $14.25
A floral aroma reveals a sweet, clean cup with distinct notes of navel orange, peach, lemon, black cherry and raspberry bordered by the taste and texture of white tea.

Central and South America

Costa Rica Herbazu (DT) $15
Vanilla, root beer, black currant, brown sugar and raspberry flavors enrich a cup endowed with a molasses mouth feel and enhanced by aromas of lilac and sarsaparilla.

Costa Rica Valle de Los Santos (DT) $14.25
Fuji apple and cocoa flavor notes emerge from this clean and sweet cup.

Guatemala Antigua Buenavista (DT) $14.25
Blackberry, black cherry and lemon flavors interlace throughout a creamy milk chocolate cup.

Guatemala Finca El Injerto – Bourbon (DT) $15 [This one is a Gypsy Donut favorite!]
Fragrance of jasmine evolves into flavors of roasted almonds, dutch chocolate, meyer lemon and plum finishing with chamomile tea like grace.


Indonesia Gajah Aceh (DT/OG) $15
Laden with aromas of blackberry compote and tamarind, this cup has flavors of plum, blackberry, toffee and earth, finishing sweetly with buttery caramel.


Decaf Guatemala Bella Vista (DT/MWP) $17.25
Heavy cream and honey entwine around flavors notes of apricot, chocolate malt and stone fruits in our Decaf Bella Vista.

Decaf House Blend /Decaf Espresso (MWP) $15
Our staple decaf, this blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees is well balanced with a smooth, moderate body and a clean finish.

Grand Cru – Stumptown’s Term for The Ultimate Beans

NEW Guatemala Finca El Injerto – Peaberry (DT) $45 per 12oz without a jar
$60 per 12oz with a jar
Chocolate, cantaloupe and butterscotch meld gracefully with cherry cordial flavor notes heightened by clove aromatics in our first ever Injerto Peaberry offering.

Kenya Gatomboya (DT) $22
Dried dark fruit fragrances entice the senses into a juicy cup full of currant, raisin and fresh cream notes.

Kenya Gaturiri (DT) $25.50
An alluring maple candy and kiwi aroma entices the palate to welcome flavor notes of pomegranate, pineapple and passion fruit, in this juicy cup.

Kenya Kangunu $22.50
Aromas of toasted brown sugar and cardamom draw the senses into a flavor profile replete with ripe nectar which resolves from raisin to black currant and blackberry in the finish.

Panama Esmeralda Especial Mario San Jose (DT)
$85 per 12oz without a jar $100 per 12oz with a jar
Delicate jasmine, brown sugar and tea tree oil aromas precede flavors of raspberry and pineapple in this tea like cup.

Single Origin Espresso

SOE Ethiopia Duromina $14.25
Extracting our Ethiopia Duromina as espresso produces balanced flavors of black tea, caramel and tangerine juice gracefully melded together by a buttery body.

SOE Ethiopia Mordecofe (DT/OG) $15
Extracting our Ethiopia Mordecofe as espresso produces a shot replete with apricot and peach nectar which engage well with flavors of NW style IPA, caramel and plum with a cardamom finish. Adding milk enhances the floral aspects of the cup.

NEW SOE Guatemala Finca El Injerto Bourbon (DT) $15
Extracting our Injerto Bourbon as espresso exposes an integrated flavor profile of raspberry embedded within notes of chocolate, mild lemon and cardamom with a vanilla finish. Pairing this SOE with milk accentuates the nougat and caramel sweetness in the espresso.

Hair Bender $14
Coffees from every major producing region provide the individual components of this complex sweet and savory blend which yields flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, jasmine, meyer lemon, apricot and pineapple.

Holler Mountain  (DT/OG) $15
Our Holler Mountain is a syrupy, heavy bodied coffee with dark toned notes of blackberry, hazelnut and toffee.

House Blend (DT) $14.25
Floral and nutty in fragrance, House Blend exudes perfect balance and an inviting sweetness that pair to create the quintessential coffee experience.